Smash Resistant Laminate

Smash Resistant Laminate for Your Structure

Safe Haven Defense continues to evolve and improve in construction technology. These products are becoming more available for businesses , organizations, and homeowners. Smash resistant laminates were once items only available for a special circumstances and not frequently used in average home. Our laminate reduces UV radiation, and improves energy efficiency. Safe Haven Defenses smash resistant laminate is a perfect fit, that provides quick and easy installations.

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What Is Smash Resistant Laminate?

Bullet Resistant Laminate

If hit, rather than breaking into jagged sharp pieces, the glass will crack like a spider web, but the glass won’t break through.

Protection Level:

Exigent Protection​

#UpArmor Existing Windows, don’t spend unnecessarily to retrofit new glass!

Break Strength

Tensile Strength

Thickness: 15 mil

Plies: 2

UV Rejection: 99%

IR Rejection: 59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 20%

Peel Strength: 6 psi


Superior Blast Resistance

Severe Storm Protection

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Energy Savings


ANSI Z97.1 – Bldg Glaze Material

CPSC 16 CFR – Architectural Glazing

GSA Explosive Test – GSA-TS01-2003

UL972 -Burglary Protection

ASTM E-84 – Flame Spread

ASTM E-1886 – Hurrican Wind Resistance

ULC S332 – Burglary

SW 450​

*Third party certifications sent upon request​

Benefits of Smash Resistant Glass

With this Laminate, instead of the glass shattering it holds together and a more efficient barrier is formed. Burglars are more likely to go away in search of an easier target, especially if your smash resistant glass is fitted with an alarm system. Intruders will not have the time to stay longer to access your home or establishment

It’s time for Peace of Mind. Compared to our competition we offer significant cost savings without having to close the doors while we install.

Smash Resistant Laminate Is Virtually Invisible

One of the primary benefits of our smash resistant laminate is the clarity; meaning you don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal. Using gates and bars to secure business windows may not be appealing, and using storm shutters can feel claustrophobic and unattractive. Laminated glass, on the contrary, is virtually invisible.

Smash Resistant Laminate Reduces Sound Transmission

The thermoplastic layer of stratified security glass aids in blocking out the sound from outside. In the event you have a business in a noisy part of town, it is advisable to use our smash resistant laminate. This reduces sound transmission and makes your commercial property or home more peaceful and quiet. When you install our smash resistant laminate throughout the whole property, a significant reduction in noise will be noticed.

Provides UV Protection

As time passes things such as furniture, carpet, upholstery, photos, or anything near your ordinary glass windows are always fading. This is due to sun exposure. Our smash resistant laminate helps reduce harmful UV rays that are likely to cause fading. Smash resistant glass can minimize glare as it is available in colored, mirrored, and tinted models in case you may want privacy.

where we protect

Our Safe Haven Defense glass laminate is designed for any business, company, home, or location that needs state-of-the-art glass laminate protection, including:

Federal and State Buildings

Civic Buildings



Police Protection

Auto Protection




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Protect life, preserve property, provide peace of mind… That is our business and we take it very seriously! Here at Safe Haven Defense Southeast we accomplish our previously stated business goals by selling and installing the Safe Haven line of products. Our most popular products are security films that can be applied to most existing glass to provide riot control and bullet resistance. Whether it is windows, doors, or glass covid shields, our products can usually be installed without any special modifications or retrofitting, saving you time and money, and most people will never even notice they are on your glass. If deterring burglaries and bullets is not enough, these products also provide blast protection, and a category 5 hurricane rating. We have 3rd party tested UL and NIJ certifications.