about us

As the world does not seem to be getting any safer and Safe Haven Defense’s window security film continues to get stronger, we saw an opportunity to protect citizens and harden the targets of criminals. Three friends, coming from different business backgrounds, entered into a partnership to exclusively serve South Carolina and Georgia. Delmar Jenkinson, Ken Wells, and Frank Jones are all from small towns in central South Carolina but prior business relationships connected them with Steve Johnson and Safe Haven Defense in early 2021. By Spring the ball was rolling and SHD Southeast was formed. Working together and under Steve’s guidance/expertise we aim to bring Safe Haven Defense’ products to clients big and small in these two states. Give us a call if we can assist you in hardening the target!

what we offer

RIOT Level protection to delay/deter entry all in a goal to Harden Targets


ONE WAY Bullet Resistant Film to protect lives and empower security personnel.

bullet resistant

Blast resistant

Rated for Hurricane-level storms

Forced Entry Resistant

Energy Efficient

Scratch resistant

Protect life, preserve property, provide peace of mind… That is our business and we take it very seriously! Here at Safe Haven Defense Southeast we accomplish our previously stated business goals by selling and installing the Safe Haven line of products. Our most popular products are security films that can be applied to most existing glass to provide riot control and bullet resistance. Whether it is windows, doors, or glass covid shields, our products can usually be installed without any special modifications or retrofitting, saving you time and money, and most people will never even notice they are on your glass. If deterring burglaries and bullets is not enough, these products also provide blast protection, and a category 5 hurricane rating. We have 3rd party tested UL and NIJ certifications.